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LAUVI eyelash serum combines 3 Essential oils for lash growth

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the most commonly referenced oil purported to aid in eyelash growth. It is a common ingredient in hair cosmetics because of its hydrating and nourishing properties. Castor oil is the world’s oldest and most popular herbal remedy for hair oiling," says Laura Duverge, founder & creative director of LAUVI Cosmetic. "It's rich in fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, making it very viscous and therefore nourishing and moisturizing. It's proven to coat the shaft of the hair, reducing damage and helping it to grow longer and stronger."

Almond oil

Almond oil is used to soften and strengthen hair. It is full of biotin which is necessary for strong hair and nails. Biotin is a an incredible lash boosting vitamin. Almond oil improves the circulation of blood to the roots, promoting hair growth and making it stronger. Additionally, the biotin present in the oil helps to reactivate dormant follicles by producing enough keratin to thicken and grow thinning hair.

Coconut oil

Thicker, longer lashes and smelling like a tropical beach all day? Yes, please!

Coconut oil is a classic home remedy for softening and moisturizing hair. It is also fantastic to use on your skin because it absorbs so quickly.

Coconut oil is moist definitely a super food but the jury is out whether it is a natural lash booster. Coconut oil will help increase sheen of your lashes but we couldn’t find any concrete evidence that it helped with growth.



I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this product. IT WORKS. I was just hoping for a minimal improvement but over the last few years, more than a handful of people have asked if my lashes are real - my lashes are way more than minimally improved! That sounds like a fake infomercial advertisement, but it's absolutely true. Obviously easy to use. Zero irritation.

Katie MO

I wear lash extensions off and on and whenever I remove them, my lashes are always noticeably shorter and sparse, and it looks like my eyes are bald from afar. I removed my last set of extensions around mid march to take a break and I immediately went back to using this serum every day. After about two months of using this daily, I noticed my lashes grew back to the length that they were before I got into lash extensions. The thickness is also back as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who wears lash extensions regularly to recover from lash breakage. It seems expensive but the price is worth it and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Pamela FL

This is literally the best eyelash serum I’ve used so far. My lashes were destroyed after using falsies and this is the product that helped my lashes grew back. I’ve been using this for a few months now and noticed a big difference in my lashes. I’ve also started using it for my eyebrows and also starting to see some results.

Sandra PA